26 August 2009

Let Positive Trump Negative

I wish that black women weren't as exploited and degraded as they are now. BET, Black Entertainment Television, is a television network that used to be geared to showing the advancement of black people. It used to have a shows called Student Center that was made by and for college students as a way of giving advice in a range of subjects. Now, it is polluded by reality shows like Frankie and Neffe, which show blacks in such a negative light. While I, personally, know that all black people are not uneducated drug addicts/dealers, whores, or someone's baby mama, a lot of people still have the mindframe that we are. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of places where the positive in black culture is celebrated.

While I am not the "poster child" for all that is right with black culture, I try my best to better myself and uplift others when I can. I give props to all who are doing all that they can to do the same and a lot more.

Let's all try to reinforce positivity in the black community.

xoxo Phoenix

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