08 August 2009

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Of all 19 years of my life, I've always been mistreated for the things I say because people don't like to hear about my feelings. Personally, I feel like they're trying to internally rationalize why they do it. Since I became aware of this, I learned to just hide my feelings and tell people what they want to hear just so I don't have to be the bad guy. I just stay quiet.
When people ask me what I think, I just tell them what they want to hear. If they persist, I generally don't tell them my true feelings until it gets overbearing. Even when I tell them my true feelings, they never get the full story because, me being me, I don't like to make people feel bad or whatever. Even so, I give them enough of my feelings to understand where I'm headed. However, it still ends up being my fault if they feel bad.

Life Lesson: Never tell your true feelings, because, in the end, it's gonna be your fault for the telling them what you were desperately trying to hide in the first place.

I've decided that I am simply going to "go with the flow" and not have any feelings. They cause to much confusion.


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