05 August 2009

Job Search: The Beginning and End

Well, Monday, I actually began searching for a job. Why, in a restaurant, of course! I got up early (well, 10:30am), and began driving around Culver Blvd., which is just a strip of restaurants. I filled out applications til 5pm. It seemed hopeless. However, one restaurant told me to come back the next day when the manager was in.

On Tuesday, I went back to the restaurant and met the manager. After I told her my job history, availability, and where I lived, she said, "You're hired!" I filled out the necessary paperwork and I start in a few weeks. The restaurant, my new job, is literally 5 minutes away from my apartment, and it's called the Shack. It's more of a bar than a restaurant, but whatever. While it's not a serving position, (I'll be a cashier) it is one of the most kickback jobs ever. It's right near the beach. My uniform will consist of jeans, a black tee, tennis shoes, and baseball cap. The hours are very flexible. I think I'm definitely gonna love working there. The food looks yummy, too. I can't wait to start!



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