25 August 2009


School begins in 6 days. I will be a senior in college, earning a BA in English. I am taking 4 English classes & 1 philosophy class. Although I love writing, I am dreading this year. Not because I have to buy tons of books, but I will not have any time to write my own stuff. Also, despite being an English major, I absolutely truly without a doubt HATE writing essays. It sounds dumb, but essays, in my opinion, are evil. lol

On another note, I apologize to all 4 of my followers for my lack of new material since the beginning of August until today. I have yet to be inspired. I have some ideas, but I can't follow through because I don't just wanna write any old bullshxt. I wanna write something new that I can be proud of & I can just say "oooooh shxt! i wrote that!!" Lately, I haven't been able to do that. Hopefilly, I can get my mojo back lol. Pray for me (& my pen).

xoxo Phoenix

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