12 July 2009

Unanswered Question

Today was a good day. I attended my grandmother's retirement luncheon at Shanghai Red's in Marina Del Rey. Then I was off to the pool party that was thrown by the infamous "Beeh & Eeh" (aka me & my cousin). A few people from our throwback crew attended & I realized how much we've changed since our days of ripping & running the streets before we had cars, jobs, & more mature responsibilities. Now, we barely hang out due to other engagements that offer us better (or worse) opportunities in life.

Although I was surrounded by people of all ages and creeds frolicking in my backyard pool and eating barbeque, I couldn't help but wonder how much I've changed. I know that we all change, but I don't really see myself as "changed" but rather matured. I don't even think about doing half of the things I used to do (& at that age, I wasn't even legally //or morally for that matter// supposed to be doing it) lol. I've noticed that the people that attended this little shindig were a mix of people from the past, present, and maybe the future. In all categories, each of them have changed at least a little since I've met them.

As I write this, I find myself tearing up for the sole fact that I do not know when their changes/transitions occurred , or even if I was ready for them. Was I any factor in this/these change(s)? Or was I simply an "innocent" spectator?

I'll never know the answer, but it couldn't hurt to ask. Maybe my wondering would make someone else wonder lol...

Good nite all♥


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