07 July 2009

[Poetry] The King

He lay there
Legendary in his final resting place
A royal gold casket
They wheeled him into the crowd
Each donning a single silver glove in his honor
Sunglasses shield the tears falling from the eyes that have witnessed his entire history

While alive, the media tried to tarnish his reputation
But deceased, they polished it so that it gleamed blindingly

Michael Joseph Jackson
The King of Pop

He moonwalked into our hearts by reassuring us that he'll be there
Walked us home on thriller nights
Made sure we knew that we were dealing with a smooth criminal
Even when some doubted him, he made sure that everyone knew that he was invincible

His body lay there
In its golden glory
The color of praise, favor, and high quality
The color fit for perfection

Michael Joseph Jackson
You are forever the legendary King of Pop

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