09 July 2009

Good Morning, World.

Good morning...
[11am.] I feel a little bit refreshed. Although I have a mix of emotions swirling around in my body, I refuse to let anything get me down today. The sun is shining so beautifully, the cats haven't started meowing yet, and no one text me before 11am (but my mom did call at 9, which was NOT COOL).
Anyway, I am getting more & more excited for my pool party on Saturday. If just a few of my friends show up, I'll be fine because there is nothing wrong with spending time w/ people who I know & luv.
Next week is approaching soon. I will be moving into my first apartment w/ my roommate, Lali. I'm excited! It's a 2bedroom 2 bath. We have our rooms on separate sides of the house (space is good) lol. It has vaulted ceilings & a fireplace!!! It's affordable & a perfect distance from our school. I'm in love w/ it!
Well, it's time for me to getup & get out of the house. Have a blessed day!


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