22 July 2009

For the Love of Food

This week has been one of the most trying weeks of the Summer. I have to move (again), which I'm not happy about in the least bit. I need to do my hair because I look like I have a bird's nest on my head due to the beautiful-but-blazing-and-blistering heat. I need to look for a job (again) since I was laid off last week. Oh, the joys of being independent lol.
I hate job-searching, but, like almost every other American citizen, I need money. Anyway, my journey to find a new job shall be "documented" via blogspot since I have nothing better to do in the meantime lol. Although it's sad, my job timeline is nothing but a series of restaurants. I can't work a "regular" job in college. I need more than a steady paycheck, I need tips!! Let's recap my job history, shall we?
  • May 5th, 2006 (my 16th birthday)-July 2006: Norm's Restaurant--hostess (quit = needed more $).
  • July 4th 2006-August 19th 2006: Denny's--server (I was making bank! but I moved to Rancho Palos Verdes for college).
  • January 12th 2007-May 1st 2007: Mimi's Cafe--hostess (I quit due to unhappiness in my job position; I wasn't being promoted fast enough lol).
  • May 28th 2007-August 25th 2007: Red Lobster--hostess (I went to Europe for the semester).
  • January 2nd 2008-June 23rd, 2008: Red Lobster--hostess (Returned, but later quit because they cut hours to make room for the new people they hired).
  • June 24th 2008-July 14th 2009: Black Angus--server (They pulled a bitch move and called everyone July 14th to tell them that they were closing indefinitely, effective immediately. No month/week's notice).

*Sigh* I'm a Grade A restaurant-hopper and proud of it! lol

Ok, well, it's time for me to start Googling the restaurant's near my apartment so I can begin my grueling start for employment in Marina Del Rey... I shall return to the regularly scheduled programming after these messages from my sponsors (lol j/k). I've always wanted to say that.



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