14 July 2009

Dull Excitement

Summer is here! (Well, it's actually been here for a while now). Though I have not done much, I feel like I'm quite content with how it has been turning out. I've spent a lot of time w. my friends and significant other so I feel like a little social butterfly lol.

Today wasn't a great day, but it was not totally horrible. It is officially 4 days till I move into my apartment w. my roomie Lali S. That is exciting. The sun has been sweltering lately so I feel pretty good. However, the recession has hit so phooey! Everyone has been kinda broke (including me).

So... Today, as the sun allowed my hair to sweat profusely, I slept almost all day. In my defense, it was way too hot for my strength to build.

Althought I waited so long for the summer to arrive, I wonder if I'm letting the summer just pass me by because I am sleeping so much. But it's hot!!! lol idk.


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