05 July 2009

Blissful Thinking

I haven't written in a while. But I decided to make an exception because it is currently 5 minutes to 2am & I cannot seem to get to sleep because I am way too happy. No, nothing in my life has really changed, but I have just had time to myself today, and I've been thinking very happy thoughts lol.

Have you ever been so in love it makes you speechless? Well, I have. I mean, I am. I mean, ahhh! I don't really know how to say it, but pretty much, loving him has made me such a better person. I understand that I'm young (many people are probably rolling their eyes at this post right now), and I know that many young couples do not last very long, but I'm really happy (so don't rain on my parade).

Every morning I wake up anticipating hearing his voice, feeling his touch, kissing his lips.. etc. Today, I heard his name and I felt my cheeks form homemade dimples from how hard I was smiling lol. I miss him when I'm not near him. When he's away, I find myself finding ways to be near him. When he's near, I find ways to not have to leave his side.

In my entire 19 years of life, I have NEVER ever felt this way about anyone. I've dated a variety of different types of guys, but there has never ever been one that has impacted me this much. He satisfies me in every way possible. He keeps me grounded, but is also sensitive to my femininity.

*sigh* I really just love it all. Damn, I'm starting to cry just thinking about how much I love him. Despite all of speed bumps and quidnuncs attempting to interfere in our relationship, it has been us against it all since September 27th, 2006, and I hope it lasts until the end of forever.

Mind the gap, I just had to share my happiness with everyone! lol


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