08 July 2009

911...? No, Thank You.

They say that, when you are having an emergency,
Call on the police
The men and women whose duty is to protect and serve
What happens when those people are the ones from whom we need protection?

I'm so tired of police brutality against innocent bystanders. While I understand that some people who get arrested actually commit their said crimes. However, I do not understand why there are so many police officers who feel like they have to use excessive force against the people they are arresting. Although there are so many cases of police brutality, there are just as many judges & jury who allow these officers to be acquitted or "suspended with pay."

While I'm on the subject, there are also so many corrupt people who work for our judicial system. Judges, DEA, and plenty others who have the power over someone's future. Unfortunately, I have had to experience losing someone close to me in 2007 thanks to the help of a few corrupt law officials.

What happens when the law officials we call upon to help us are the same ones who are fighting so hard to keep us down?

...the system is fucked.

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