22 June 2009

Another PSA

"There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you."
I should not have to belittle or downgrade my skills and talents just to accomodate others. If the people around me aren't working up to their full potential, then that's not my problem. If they feel like they are insecure around me, then they should not be around me. I have goals that need to be accomplished and I refuse to downplay myself and deprive myself of all opportunities so others will be comfortable. Screw that. I played that little "modest" role long ago, and where did it get me? No where.

ATTENTiON: If you feel insecure/jealous/uncomfortable around me because of my accomplishments/talents/skills or whatever, then you have two options:
1. kick rocks
2. step your own game up

Thank you


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