17 May 2009

Return from Hiatus

Long time, no talk. Not really busy, but more like speechless. But that ended like 40 seconds ago. I was attempting to decide on a topic to write about when I actually saw one of the topics from a blog that I follow (One-Minute Writer). S/he generally gives his/her readers a prompt telling them to write for exactly one minute about a certain topic. The prompt of today was "discuss how the internet has affected relationships." So..... Here's my little blurb about it... (which may or may not meet the one-minute limit) so bear with me =)

How has the internet affected relationships?

In today's society, surfing the internet is almost inevitable. With the help of social networks such as MySpace,Facebook, Twitter, BlackPlanet, etc.. people find it easier to communicate with friends, meet new ones, or even meet a potential beau. Also, with this new technology, people are able to communicate with their loved ones from across the globe. For example, when I went to Europe for 4 months, I did all I could to prevent high cell phone costs for me and my bf. This included using Skype, Meebo, and the typical email accounts. This helped us to keep in touch at all hours and places.

In addition to preserving relationships, the internet can also be used as a tool to demolish them. With these social networks, people find it easier to cheat on their S.O.'s, and keep secrets from them. While this can all be done without the internet as well, the internet makes it more accessible. As a result of this, the internet contributes to the growing number of disloyalty in relationships, break-ups, and other issues that arise.

I can actually go on & on & on, but I'd rather not. Maybe I'll just label this post as [TBC] then (to be continued).
But if anyone does read this, please feel free to contribute your opinion on this topic.


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