21 April 2009

[Poetry] A Poem for My Grandfather

Slowly his space in the room dwindles to a minimum
His stuff now limited to a bar in the closet
Soon that will be gone
I’m left staring at a room occupied by one person
Instead of two
I wonder how she feels
So stoic she seems
Today, the physicality of his being will be buried
Will she break?
Will she remain the same?
What will the rest of us do?
I miss him already
I stare blankly in the empty space previously occupied by his body and soul
Wishing there was more words to say
Wishing he could speak to me one last time
I guess God had better plans
Never shall there be anyone to take his place
As long as he knows that he is loved
He will always be loved
Never to be forgotten
Never to be replaced
Always and forever in our hearts
Frank Allen Bland, we love you

♥Phoenix "His Baby Girl"

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