29 April 2009

Random, yet Thought-Provoking Event

Today, after I logged off of here earlier, I was walking to my History of Brit. Lit. I class *la la la walk walk walk.* I'm walking down these concrete stairs and on the last stair, then *BAM,* I see a tiny little ladybug. The imagery of it's little fragile body sitting on those harsh stairs in the way of danger. All it takes is one person in a rush to class, then *SQUiSH,* she/he could be a goner.

While some of you may see this simply as a bug sitting on a stair, I see it as a reason to wanna cry (okay, not physically, but you know what I mean). Everyday, in actual human life, people are in situations where they are in physical danger of getting hurt. Unfortunately, many people shrug their shoulders if it has nothing to do with them or someone close to them. Okay, this is fine and dandy. But I challenge you to wake up each and everyday, and tell someone how you much you care about them. You never know what moment will be your/their last.

While I'm on this path, I also dare you to do something nice for someone each day. It can be a tiny gesture to you, but, to them, it can be an action that prevents them from doing something regrettable.

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