20 April 2009

4/20 Fuxkery

What in the 420-celebrating tom foolery fu*kery is this?!
420 is NOT a holiday... I repeat, NOT a holiday...
I have checked every calendar, it is NOT.
Marijuana is NOT LEGAL. So therefore, 420 as a legal holiday is an OXY-fkn-MORON!

Let's say, hypothetically, it was a legal holiday. As a holiday, like Earth day, it would be a ONE day event. Therefore, smoking would only be a part of the shinanigans for a possible total of 24 hours! If you are a regular/social smoker, this would require you to smoke cannibas for one day out of the year, on 420.

For the people smoking it on a regular basis, 420 would not be considered a holiday in your case because you smoke it every fkn day!

As you can tell, I do not like marijuana. I get very annoyed with people who smoke it.... It is illegal. I'd rather not be next to people who smoke it to "calm" themselves because there are other possible alteratives to chilling out besides ILLEGAL drugs. And being high/blown/faded/ripped/"turnt up" is NOT cute in my book. Let's have an intellectual conversation without "natural" influences. Marijuana may be a plant, but it is not something that should be smoked or used as a way of calming oneself. Do some got-damn yoga if that's the case. While I am sure, there are a billion and fifty reasons/excuses why people smoke it, I'd rather not argue. I've stated my opinion.

Let's step our intellectual skills up quite a few notches.
This has been a Phoenix Nicole PSA to all of the people with one hour left of "celebrating" a non-existant holiday on April 20th, 2009.


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