20 April 2009

Guilty Pleasure

"I'll go get the camera. We can make a movie,
I'ma put my hands up. Lay back while u do me"

I must admit, Pleasure P is rather underrated. I think it's 'cos of his stint with Pretty Ricky. But surprisingly, his first two solo singles "Did You Wrong" and "Boyfriend #2" sometimes find themselves on repeat on my Zune & Zune player. It's not like I can currently relate to these songs, but they do give an accurate depiction of what couples go through sometimes. Anyway, I had a purpose for writing today, but now that "Boyfriend #2" is on repeat, I doubt that other post will be as interesting for me since my mind is "elsewhere" lol. But ummm... yea. I'll get back at that other post after my mind comes back to my original non-Pleasure P line of thinking.

Oh yeah, if there are any guys who read this blog, definitely definitely definitely check out www.BlogXilla.com He's THE man. If you need tips on how to "handle business," his website will have you (& your S.O.) prepared for damn near anything.

For all of your music needs, check out www.BluJDaGreat.Blogspot.com. He's THE next big thing. I doubt you wanna sleep on dude. Ladies, he's sexy, too :)

Well, I must be left to study (if I can). Throwback of the day: Usher - Bedtime.

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Phoenix Nicole

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