14 April 2009

[Poetry] Mid-Day Fantasy

He crosses the room
Masculinity dripping from his caramel-complected skin
Looking like a golden Zeus
White muscle shirt clinging to his biceps, triceps, and abs
Oblivious to the pair of almond-shaped eyes spectating his smoothness
From across the room

My lips quiver softly--wishing they could meet
My legs do a nervous shiver--hoping he'd at least look this way

As he walks away, he turns--maybe stealing the last piece of someone's heart before he leaves
Our eyes lock
My heart skips a beat
He walks over, never melting our fiery stare

I rip the last piece of clothing from his body as he removes mine
Goosebumps arise as his fingers trace my thighs
We stand there, face-to-face, still staring

Our lips meet, Tongues get introduced
He knows what I want
He already knows what is to come next

I blink
The classroom re-appears
His memory drifts into my minds

But his touch still fresh in my....

Words && Sounds

Phoenix Nicole

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