29 April 2009

Let's Talk Relationships

It's the week before finals & I'm busy as all hell. Hence, the long time no post. But I have a moment to spare between papers. So, let's talk.

Topic of the day/hour/minute/year, relationships.

For some weirdo reason, I'm supposed to be the relationship guru amongst my friends. Idk why, but, anyway, I have a friend who was asking me this question about relationship double standards. I actually have no idea how to answer it because, well, I'm not in the business of giving advice anymore. I have my own problems. So I was wondering if you could answer this...

Ok, my friend has a S.O. (significant other), and one of his friends sees her kickin' it with a close friend, who just so happens to be a guy who may or may not have stronger feelings for her. He goes back and tells her S.O. that she's creepin' and whatnot (big kinda mess). She and her S.O. have a conversation and it turns out that he doesn't feel comfortable with them being so close. As a matter of fact, he never did. He always felt like this friend liked her. She understands and distances herself a good amount from the friend as a way of letting her S.O. know that some people in her life are dispensible and she's not trying to play him in any way.

Ok... Let's turn the tables. Her S.O. turned around and did the same thing. She let's him know that she's not comfortable and blah blah blah (you know the scenario). Here's the twist: He refuses to distance himself a safe distance from this new girl-friend of his, even after repeated verbalizations of my friend's dislike for this newfound friendship.

Should she be concerned?
Drop one or more.


P.S. new poetry coming up soon

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