30 April 2009

[Poetry] 11:46pm: Reoccurring Silent Storm

I'm frustrated.
I'm frustrated at life.
At reality.
At change.
I cried last night.
As my personal rain quietly fell,
I just laid in bed.
Careful not to disturb my roommate.
Careful to leave my thoughts in my head.
Careful not to dial your number and express myself.
I just wish you did not change so much.
It was me and you.
Against the world.
Then you changed.
We're still thick as thieves,
but lately I find myself not liking you.
Not you, per se.
But the things you do.
Hell, the things you make me do.
I find myself smoking to calm my aggression.
Why do I put myself through this?
Is this a typical feeling or is it just me?

As my silent storm lessens to a slight drizzle,
I block out those questions
Because this is not the first time
Nor will it be my last...

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