17 March 2009

Becoming Phoenix

So, today I had a meeting with my teacher. We have to do these analytical tutorial things with him. Anyway, my topic was John Keats' poem "On Sitting Down to Read King Lear Once Again." In Keats' sonnet, he talks about wanting to have Phoenix wings. And, even though I know what Phoenixes symbolize--eternity, rebirth, and independence, I was curious about how and why they die and reinnovate themselves. So I did what I usually do, and I googled it. lol. So I found out that Phoenixes are Grecian mythical birds that have 500 and 1,000 year life-cycles. At the end of each of these life cycles, they ignite themselves and burn to ashes. After they finish burning, a new Phoenix egg arises and is reborn.

Very much like John Keats, I am a modern-day "Romantic." Like Keats, I have an extraordinarily boring life and I read other poets' work so I can gain new insight in different things. Like Keats, I, too, praise almost everything that Shakespeare writes. lol.

So, since I am somewhat like Keats, I actually love the idea of being a Phoenix.

I have ignited myself (not literally) and I'd like to think of myself as reborn.

Words && Sounds


Phoenix Nicole.

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