17 February 2009

[Poetry] Rainstorms

Monday was the day that I realized why I hate rain storms.
The rain was pouring, drenching the soft white concrete
I was forced to awaken
Just looking at the rain made me stressed
From the trees charging into the shaky white window
To the unwavering thumps of water beating on the ground
I was dizzy
My thoughts raced uncontrollably
My mind frenzied

Unlimited red tickets flew around in my head
Jail cells and hospital beds crowded my brain
Ambulance trucks surrounded me
Jurors condemned me
Regardless of my speed, I couldn't escape
The rain never let my dreams settle
The rain never lessened its grip on my mind

Alas, an imagined funeral procession ended the circus

In His time,
The rain quieted
My head stopped swirling
I was able to rest

Yet, the slow rain continued...

Words && Sounds,
P. Nicole

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