04 February 2009

[Poetry] Liberty Stands Corrected (Yet no one says anything)

January 28, 2009
Liberty Stands Corrected
(Yet no one says anything)

Criminal. Prisoner. Dealer.
A detrimental person they think
Think he is undeserving of freedom
Freedom from being persecuted
Persecuted by those unknowing of his power
Power that they try to confine and lock away
Away from his followers and those on his side


He stands, towering over his persecutors
Prosecutors, with their lies and false witnesses
Witnesses that think they have him shackled like he is not


He stands, loving me regardless of the choices I make
Loving me because he knows my flaws and all
Loving me because he knows my strengths and weaknesses
Weaknesses of his stay hidden
Hidden somewhere deep in his frame of


He stands, dreaded at the top of his knowledge
Knowledge from the graduating class of the school of hard life
Our lives he’s helped create—two queens nothing less than genius
Genius he is because he is


He stands, towering over me with loving eyes
Eyes that are perfectly duplicated on my face
Real eyes that realize real lies
Lies that were told in place of reality
Realize that your real lies will put you underground

6 feet 3 inches

He stands, whole-heartedly fighting for me
One half of his pair of queens that will never lose faith
Faith that judgment will prove prosecutors wrong
Wrongful incarceration of man who stands


He stands
Loving me unconditionally
Loving me because I am his female copy
Certified copy lacking nothing short of perfection in


I stand, tall and proud because
He is all


My creator.
My comfort.
He is.
My heart.
My soul.
My reason for combat. United we stand, never shall we fall. It’s us against the world.

Me and my father.
Words && Sounds,
P. Nicole

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