17 August 2008

[Poetry] Marriage Consummation

Look me in the eyes
I'll tell you what you want to hear
I'll express to you my inner sexual desires
I'm all yours tonight
Kiss me--Let our tongues do the lovers dance
Your tongue stealing my unspoken secrets
Travel to my moisture spot--Lick me
My body becoming a puppet to your curious mouth
Use your hands to quiet my raspy screams
Use my body as a lifeguard
Saving you from drowning in my womanly moisture
Look me in the eyes
Do it to me
Let us connect
Your manhood intertwining with my insides
Pull my hair--Showing no mercy
Turning my soft moans into vigorous curses to the skies above
Kiss me rough--Take my breath away
Make my life worth every minute
Let us connect
Never let me go
Hold onto my body as we complete our journey to extacy--Like my life is the only thing that keeps you breathing
Our rhythm and fluids becoming one
Our sweat being the only barrier between us
Never let me go
Our love sealing the package as our eternal marriage is consummated
I'm all yours tonight, tomorrow, and forever.
Words & Sounds,
P. Nicole

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