17 August 2008

Election Day

June 2008
History was made
Barack Obama began the first black man to make it into the Presidential primaries

August 2008
Media coverage crowd television stations
Personal debates break out around the globe about each candidate
Black vs. white
Democrats vs. republicans
Young vs. old
Obama vs. McCain

I look around and I see people everywhere arguing about who the next President will be, who possesses the "right" appeal, why the other candidate is not worthy enough
Some reasons purely due to ethnicity instead of fulfilled requirements

While each candidate has their flaws, the media creates much emphasis on race

As a result, Obama is falsely portrayed
Thought of as the black messiah to African-Americans

It is true that the next President must appeal to the less fortunate portion of the general salad bowl that is America,but he must tend mainly to the needs of the entire American community
Obama is not the poster child for African-Americans nor is he the only factor that is hindering the economical growth of America

Americans must first be ready to accept a leader that is untraditional, in the sense of the past Presidents--white, middle aged, Catholic, wealthy
If this country had twice the amount of patriotism as it did directly after 9/11, during the Great Depression, and other times of great despair, then it can pull together to choose the best man for the job regardless of age, background, ethnicity, political party because it is time for a change

November 2008
Election Day
Obama vs. McCain

Who will it be?

**written August 8th, 2008
Words & Sounds,
Brittani Nicole

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