12 July 2008

[Poetry] Picture Perfect

Like a puzzle
Everyone else is in the background; a blur
Looking at us--judging our relationship
Envious that we are the center masterpiece
They delight in our differences

Your eclectic soulful blues and reds
Your love of harmonics and beats
My emollient and intelligent whites and blacks
My position as mistress of words
They say we should not be together

Your ominous upbringings and environment
My decorous speech and posture
To our differences in style of dress
Like day to night and light to dark
They say that we are unequally yoked

These two puzzle pieces our our worlds
Unmatched by all but one--the one
Joined to create the perfect picture
We complete the puzzle of happiness

They say the worst about us
Yet they fail to see
Or they claim not to see
You, my love, are the effulgent puzzle piece that completes my picture of perfection

Words & Sounds,
P. Nicole

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