13 July 2008

[Poetry] Barbie: The Stepford Non-Wife

Role model.
The symbol of childhood for most girls is her.

Malibu Beach Barbie.
Slumber Party Barbie.
Teen Talk Barbie.
Vacation Barbie.

She has it all.
Beach cruiser.
Designer clothes and shoes.
Dream house.
Vacation hot spot.

She embodies all that is considered feminine.
Big breasts.
Hourglass figure.
Long legs.
Great posture.

Barbie stands 5’9 with her unobtainable shallow traits.
110 pounds of purely fictional perfection.

She is every young girl’s role model.
Teaching that independence is achieved by having every career possible.
Showing that anorexia is acceptable when you have everything.

She symbolizes plastic perfection.
Lacking 17-22% of required body fat to menstruate.
To be her would be a dream unfulfilled.
Of course, with the exception of plastic surgery.

Role model.
The symbol of childhood for most little girls is her.

Shallow Barbie.
Anorexic Barbie.
Unintelligent Barbie.
Bourgeois Barbie.

She has it all.
No brains.
All of the money, clothes, and shoes she could ever want.

She is everything I will never be.
A perfect Stepford conformist.

written: July 2nd, 2008

Words & Sounds,
P. Nicole

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